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10 years ago

How to assert on a JSON element using wild cards and a custom property?

I’m evaluating SoapUI NG Pro (ReadyAPI-1.1.0.) for our project and think I found a bug in assertions for JSON responses.

My project was initially created by SoapUI and then continued with SoapUI Pro.


What I’m trying to do is to assert on a returned JSON element using a regular expression. To do this I found two possibilities, but both of them do not really work!


  1. Use JsonPath Match
    The menu servers an input field for the path and one for the expected result and a check box named “Allow Wild…”. I filled the path with “$.devices[*].deviceName” and the expected result with *${#Project#devname.1}*. I also checked the check box to support wildcards. The result is a positive assertion. SoapUI does what I expect. BUT! If I save the project and reopen it, the check box is not checked any more. I have to go over all my assertions and check the boxes again. Small remark: For any reasons the existence of this check box is not documented here:
  2. Use JsonPath RegEx Match
    A nice way not use the broken “Allow Wild…” checkboxes should be to use a regular expression instead. Therefore I use the “JsonPath RegEx Match” and put the right path “$.devices[*].deviceName” into the input field and used this regular expression: ”.*${#Project#devname.1}.*”. Sadly this does not work, because SoapUI does not expand the Custom Properties before applying the regular expression. I did not find anything in the documentation explaining how to use custom properties in regular expressions. Could you help here?


In result I am not able to write an assertion that matches a single JSON element using a custom property and a wild card.

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    Providing More details with an example would help for better understanding of the issue.
    When you were using only soapui, there is no issue?