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6 years ago

how to add leading zero to a string or integer using groovy script

how to add leading zero to a string or integer using  groovy script   a = 12345   Result should be 0000012345 (Len = 10)
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    6 years ago

    Hi JayKondra


    The Solution Lucian has provided is the quickest and simple but it you want to do an elaborated solution, then you can try below code :

    def a = 1234
    def stringLen = 10
    def strLen = a.toString().size()
    expectedLen = stringLen.toInteger() - strLen.toInteger()
    for(i = 0; i<=expectedLen-1;i++)
    	a = "0" + a 
    } a a.length()

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    Thanks and Regards,

    Himanshu Tayal

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    6 years ago

    If you have an integer value, the Sting.format method linked by Lucian is ideal, but regarding the other half of your question of padding strings...


    Groovy strings have the several padding methods included:

    • padRight
    • padLeft
    • center

    So in your example, if the variable "a" was a string, you could do the following:


    def a = "12345"
    def zeroPaddedString = a.padLeft(10, "0")

    The following link explains the padding functions in more details: