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6 years ago

Groovy script to capture the incoming /Source url?

Hi Team,


I would like to capture the Source url using Groovy Script as shown below, I would be using script dispatcher to send my response, because I need to run on 10 different Environment.

I need to read the Source url and based on that I will be adding the condition to send the appropriate resposne.


Source: pegapp0001vj.metest.local -
Destination: http://VIRINF0001VT.metest.local:9080/ws/MEIS_XXXXXXX_0soap12http

POST /ws/MEIS_XXXXXXX_0soap12http HTTP/1.1
content-type: application/soap+xml; charset=UTF-8; action="MEB_SM_XXXXXXX"
user-agent: Axis2
host: VIRINF0001VT.metest.local:9090
content-length: 985



Senthil kumar. M

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