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5 years ago

Groovy script to call SOAP service outside SOAP UI/Ready API IDE


I have a requirement wherein, i need to call SOAP services using groovy script but without using SOAP UI / Ready API tool. Any suggestions or ideas would help me here, about how to approach and achieve objective.


Till today, i have worked with groovy scripting with using SOAP UI pro/ Ready API tool. This is something new area which i have to explore so any suggestions or idea would lead me further.



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      ashkht: When you say you need to run a groovy script without ReadyAPI/SoapUI, what exactly do you mean? What sort of script do you need to run? The issue you'll run into is you need something to run the groovy script. Whether you use a groovy compiler to run the script like ReadyAPI does, or you compile the groovy script into a jar and then use that jar file, something has to run the script. 

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    Why this question in this forum if it is not related to SoapUI?

    Any ways, try groovy wslite library. You can find it in github along with samples.
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        Hello Olga_T , groovyguy , nmrao ,

        Thanks for your valuable suggestions !

        I know this post is nothing to do with SOAP UI/ Ready API IDE, but thought to post this question as its related to groovy scripting and as we use same to automate web services through SOAP pro versions.


        I have a requirement to call a SOAP web service with groovy script but have to invoke SOAP call without using SOAP UI / Ready API IDE, as we are further going to integrate this groovy script file with java (needed for UI automation) so that we invoke this groovy script through some command or using command prompt and achieve objective of hitting web service and retrieve successful response and save req/response files.


        nmrao  - i tried to follow up suggestions, but still stuck with how to use compiler from github and also need a reference of some sample scripts so that i can refer further and implement same.