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5 years ago

Gramatical error on your training

In the soapui getting started rest-training 

please correct

Adding a Test case Comment (gramatical error)

Now we see the our Test Case window, where we can create assertions

  • I've contacted the doc team and the mistake was fixed.  

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    Hi KR01420,

    I'm guessing youre saying youve found a content defect in some of the training stuff?

    If you have it's probably best if you raise a ticket with smartbear support (sorry cant provide the link im answering this on my phone), but youll need to provide a bit more info as i'm unsure ig theyll be able to determine what the issue is.

    Are you noting the word 'grammatical' is incorrectly spelled as 'gramatical' or are you highlighting something else?


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      Hi KR01420 , could you please clarify a bit more what the error is?  

      Do you see it in the documentation or an online training? Please post the link to the problematic page. Thank you. 

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        KR01420 , I got your email with the details. I’ll get to it.