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4 years ago

Getting the warning message on report directory

While running the composite project from command line, I am getting the below warning message . Please can you advise how we can handle this. I am using ReadyAPI version 3.5.1


WARN [SoapUIJasperReportManager] The report directory is not specified. The default report directory will be used.

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      hi nmrao ,


      I had tried the -f option earlier as part of fetching of fetching the command line from test runner option. Had even tried changing it from default workspace to other directory; but it does not seem to find the required and still complains the same




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        Couple of points
        - were you able to see the reports when it was showing warning?
        - there is no relationship between workspace and executing the project command line.
        - do you need to save reports into a customised directory only?
        - were you able to change the reports directory from the tool? And are then reports generated?
        - if so, you can use launch testrunner from ui and note down the command and use that directly next time in command line.