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6 years ago

Getting SoapUI Pro work on jenkins with node locked license


Here it is listed what to call with a license server that has floating licenses but I do not have those files "c:\path\ready-api-license-manager-1.2.5.jar" this here nor do we have a license server, we have gotten 3 node locked liceneses.


I have activated the license on the computer which works as jenkins slave node.

But it always posts me this lines:

14:58:58,756 DEBUG [LicenseManagerServiceImpl] Trying to initialize license for SoapUI

14:58:58,757 DEBUG [LicenseManagerServiceImpl] No license found for SoapUI


I can start ReadyAPI / SoapUI Pro manually on the machine without a problem


EXTRA: Tried to create a support ticket but Ticket Management says: 

Case Management Portal Error