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3 years ago

Getting results when using TestEngine as a container? ...

We use ReadyAPI stand-alone, and are going down the path of using TestEngine to run tests as part of our CI/CD pipeline.


I see that TestEngine when running continuously has a web interface where I think you can see results. But how is this handled when using it as a container that instantiates when needed and then goes-away when the tests are complete? How do you see results?


Thanks very much in advance.

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  • Hi,

    I imagine this is in use with automation like CI/CD. Would you like the results sent back to the CICD system? Or possibly a Test Management system? 

    In any way, we can export logs to a relative location where the system wants to absorb it. Or through the use of API calls we could send the results where we would like it. 

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      Thanks very much, mattb.  Yes, this would be part of a CI/CD system. I'm trying to get my hands around what I'll need and what the loose ends are. With ReadyAPI I see the results in the app and in the .xls we use for data. I wasn't sure how TestEngine in a container handled this.


      Can you share links to any more of the solutions you refer to? Thanks again!