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7 years ago

Getting Error at JDBC Request : Can't get the Connection for specified properties for MySql connect

Using ReadyAPI 2.1.0 version:


Can't get the connection for specified properties; java.sql.SQLException: IncorrectUrl:


MySql created at AWS


Host: Ju*******

port: 3306

user: root


Database: ju***


I have placed the "mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar" jar in bin folder.


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    If the error is noticed, it says Incorrect Url.

    What url have you specified.

    By the way, right location to copy library is READYAPI_HOME/bin/ext directory.
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      Hi Rao,


      When i connection via script its working fine but JDBC request configuration. I am getting incorrect URL.


      import java.sql.DriverManager
      def conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://jupiter***:3306/jupiter","**","***")
      def stat = conn.createStatement()
      def result = stat.executeQuery("select * from **") 


      Even I tried placing the Jar file in ext. it didn't work out.