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2 years ago

Floating license?

What is exactly a Floating license? Does it mean all our employees can get/use the software? Is there a limitation of software usage? Or a number of people maximum on the software at the same time?



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  • A floating license allows multiple users access to a product, but each license can be used by one user at a time. 

    You can think of floating licenses like a book at a library. Different people can check out access to the book, but only one person can have the book at a time. While someone has the book nobody else can access it. Once the book is returned a different person can access the book. 

    Floating accounts are also used for accessing ReadyAPI in a CI/CD pipeline or when using ReadyAPI products in a containerized environments such as Docker. 

  • ihorstep 

    Floating licenses come with a number of seats. Each floating license seat will allow one user to access ReadyAPI. Let's say your team has 10 people and you purchase 3 floating licenses. This means there are 3 floating license seats this allows up to 3 users to access ReadyAPI concurrently. You can assign all ten users to use these floating licenses. If 3 team members are consuming the three seats then the remaining 7 members of your team will not be able to access a floating license.  

    Let's use the screenshot on that page as an example. 

    This floating license has 10 seats assigned to it. So up to 10 users can consume floating licenses at any given point in time. If an 11th user attempts to access to ReadyAPI they will be unable to retrieve a license until one of the 10 users are disconnected. 

      Does this help?

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      Hi, @SarahS 

      Ok, it is clear.


      Then, what about seats number per one floating license:

      Is it required to purchase one floating license per each new seat or number of seats can be increased per one license?

      In case if number of seats per license is bigger than one, how does the price changes?