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5 years ago

FileNotFoundException Using testRunner - other posts on this I've found not helpful



I've never used the testRunner GUI functionality before and so thought I'd investigate.  I tried executing a single step test in a testsuite via testRunner but the execution fails with a FileNotFoundException - I'm gonna have to type out the message cos my Error Log indicates that it appears to be trying to create files within the C:/Program Files/SmartBear/ReadyAPI-2.7.0/bin directory



FileNotFoundException:C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-2.7.0\bin\TEST-Generate_CRM_Access_Token_TEST_ENV.xml

There's something weird going on with my Error Log functionality also - I've confirmed and reconfirmed that the warnings and errors reported in the testRunner logging window are NOT written to my error log (I've checked the UI, I've checked the ready-api-errors.log file in my window userprofile).


The testRunner logger reports 


FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-2.7.0\bin\TEST-Generate_CRM_Access_Token_TEST_ENV-Generate_CRM_Access_Token-REST-Request-0-PASS.txt

I've attached a screenshot to show the testRunner logging - but the filenotfound reported in the testRunner looks to be trying to write what I'm guessing is a temporary .txt file equating to the results of the teststep named 'REST Request' within the 'Generate_CRM_Access_Token' testcase within the 'Generate_CRM_Access_Token' testsuite.


The 'REST Request' step in my test simply hits to get a CRM access token - that's it.


Ignoring the obvious disparity between what's being recorded in my Error logging and the testRunner logging - would anyone know how to get this working so it doesn't return the filenotfound exception?


I've tried altering the read-only properties of ReadyAPI!'s bin directory to writeable - but windows keeps reverting it.

I've also tried numerous ways of altering the properties of the bin directory (via the windows advanced file/folder permissions within Windows file explorer) but it keeps reverting to readyonly.


The thing is - I've been using ReadyAPI! on my current laptop for the last 3 years and I've gone through each of the bin directories for each of those previous installations and the bin directories are always set as readyonly (as I'd expect as a directory within the Program Files parent.)


Is this normal behaviour to write files to the bin directory when the GUI testRunner is executed?


I've attached my errorlog, and an image of the testRunner logging


Cheers guys,




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    5 years ago



    Ok - I found what the problem was.- it's related to the 'Reporting'. 


    I've never altered the settings before and the defaults are as the below screenshot

    HOWEVER - when executing with the above settings - it fails with the FileNotFoundException. This is another ReadyAPI! defect.  According to the instructions, if not set manually, a 'reports' directory should be created in the directory that is equivalent to '${WORKSPACE}'.


    This is not the case with ReadyAPI! v2.7.0.  If I leave the value set as ${WORKSPACE} - executing the GUI testRunner fails with the FileNotFoundException.  If I replace ${WORKSPACE} with the full path equivalent of $[WORKSPACE}, this works fine!


    I know it's a bit rubbish to mark your own work as the solution - its like marking your own homework - but this is how I got around the problem :)







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    testrunner utility can be run for either testcase, test suite or project levels. I am afraid if that is designed for work for a step.

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      Hey nmrao,

      Erm...yeah...i'm a little confused. The testrunner utility doesnt give you the option via the dropdown to execute a teststep and i wasn't.

      Id selected a testcase within a testsuite. The particular testsuite id tried executing only had 1 testcase and one teststep, but that shouldnt mke any difference.

      Just to reiterate if i wasnt being clear....i tried executing a testsuite.

      Ive just tried executing the whole project and it still returns the same filenotfound exception when it attempts to write to the bin directory....