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7 years ago

Fetching output of Data Driven Testing in to xls along with the input record



I see that the data-driven testing helps to provide a csv as an input to execute a set of cases for the same api. However, is there a way to get the output to mapped to a spreadsheet or csv. This will help the tester in reviewing both the input, output and multiple scenarios in one shot. 



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    I have had both output and input in the same csv

    For output just reference the appropriate column

    DDT does not mean its only for input

    your assertions can be in the same csv file

    Add further details if you want to do something different

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      Thanks sanju.  The documentation I have seen on soap ui website was refering to using only input fields from csv file, but was poitning to  xml for output review. WOuld you be able to pass on any documenation / video link on the same ? 


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