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2 years ago

Failed to create Graphql project / API definition in ReadyAPI 3.43.1 version


I am trying to create my 1st GraphQL test case similar to below graphql-service-structure-navigator-overview.png. However, I have no luck. I kept getting error:


I have tried several different ways but not any luck. 

Attempt #1 - Create Empty Project, Import API, I got the following error:


Attempt # 2 -  Create New Functional Test -  from a functional and live graphql service which I can run the query from the Chrome Browser:

I click on "Create Functional Test" button/screen, it bring up API Definition Setup page.  There are 5 steps in the page.  I click on Specify File button to specify the API definition. It said "could not import a definition from specified file." .  

My Graphql service is working fine.  I can query the service via Chrome browser. 

I need to create a Graphql project with Graphql API definition to query graphql service.

I am not seeing clear instruction how to create such above project.


Please point me to the right documentation.  Or point me to the proper schema.graphqls which can be use to create the GraphQL project with GrapQL service as mentioned in the 1st picture.


Thank you.

Son Nguyen

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    One point I would like to clarify that it may not be straight forward to import the definitions (like swagger defintions or wsdl) into the tools.

    But one have to create the interface and add methods manually and send the requests.

    Could send the graphql requests in Open source edition (though I couldn't try in ReadyAPI).