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3 months ago

Expecting claim 'qsh' to have value error message


I am trying to call endpoint but I am still getting 401 with message

Expecting claim 'qsh' to have value 'bd5...' but instead it has the value 'b21...'

I have followed documentation from where I first generate API keys in Zephyr in Jira, generated keys used for JWT token with attached code inside documentation and then calling aforementioned API endpoint with curl command, but still getting same think.


Can you please anyone help me/explain me, what might cause this issue?


Thank you in advance,

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        Hey ajitzephyr 


        thanks for the attachment - sorry - even though I've set Chrome to not allow re-directs - it's ignoring the setting for some reason.


        Hey ajitzephyr 


        I was going to try reproducing the issue by using my own project's JIRA/Zephyr instance, but I finished my current contract and got locked out at 6pm, so I can't try and reproduce.  However - I grabbed the secretKey and accessKey cos I wanna try and build it cos I still might spot something


        Did you follow the instructions EXACTLY or did you deviate at all? (sorry I don't mean to be condescending - I'm just trying to work through the 'possibles' considering I cant try reproducing now)  JIRA instructions change quite a bit over versions and the help online can often point to older versions . 


        You're getting a 401 so it's not even getting to parse your request - I'd guess there's a problem with the Authorization header on the request.  even though I can't reproduce I'd like to get as far as I can - it might help diagnose the problem - I've cloned the zapi-cloud repo - but I haven't got access to the .jar file  - would you mind attaching the .jar file to your response please? 





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    Do you have a key called qsh in the request? If so please check if the value is valid as the error response message says.