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2 years ago

Exclude unwanted components while recording in ReadyAPI using Discovery API Record without definitio


While recording script/workflow in Ready API using Discovery API option with Record using without definition approach, tool actually records all the components like .css, ico, .png, .js, etc which dont require and creates messy. So is there any way (settings/config) to exclude these specific extension requests while recording itself.

pls let me know is there any functionality which is similar to Jmeter like Exclude suggested extensions while recording.

In Ready API, actually user has to deselect all unwanted requests manually by looking each request after recording and then generate script which is a hectic job.

Pls suggest any solutions.

Thanks a lot in advance. 

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    Hey anudeepk

    I'm probably not best placed to comment on this cos i hate front ends and haven't touched one in 10 years. However, i've had a look at the help.

    As you say Jmeter does the job easily, so i'd expect ReadyAPI to do the same.

    At the bottom left of the recording screen is a link "learn how to filter recordings", but i'm unsure this is granular enough for what you're talking about.....i.e. filter out all the extraneous rubbish that makes up a web page so you can focus on the calls.

    I could be wrong (i am nearly all of the time!), but select the link i mentioned and see if you can figure something out (although i'm not hopeful at this point!).

    You could always raise a support ticket with Smartbear to see if there's anything they can suggest - if it looks like the embedded functionality doesn't do what you and every other person using the API Discovery functionality needs. The fact that this seems kinda important, although not essential leads me to believe there's gotta be a way, cos it's be a bit rubbish without it.

    Smartbear support ticket submission -->