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3 years ago

Error while importing openapi .json file

I am new to ReadyAPI, however, I am unable to get any of my openapi .json (3.0.0) files to import successfully.  I have attached a sample .json file I am trying to import as well as a screen shot of ...
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    3 years ago

    I'm not sure what the granular differences are between Postman's import mechanism and our import mechanism, but I can say that a completely valid and resolved API definition file ideally shouldn't have any references to inaccessible external components. You could consider them like external dependencies that the file doesn't have access to, which could potentially cause issues depending on the use case for the API definition. I think reaching out to the API provider would be a good step, as they could have a separate file where these components are stored, or potentially a fully-resolved version of the API definition file that contains the referenced components. Let me know how that goes! I hope this helps.