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4 years ago

Error when connecting MSSQL server using JDBC Request

Hello,   This is my first time trying to use a JDBC request to connect to SQL DB.When i am trying to connect i am getting an error as below.   Can't get the Connection for specified properties; c...
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    4 years ago

    VishKini ,


    ok - first thing - I always have trouble connecting to SQLServer - whats the connection type you're using?  SQL? Mixed mode?  Windows Auth?  


    what driver - JNDI or JDBC?


    Try the SQL mode option - I couldnt connect with anything else when I last tried this.


    the exception indicates you are trying to connect to a SQLServer instance local to the machine that ReadyAPI! is running is - is that correct?  (due to if thats the case - change authentication to SQL only - that works everytime as far as I can tell


    otherwise we're going to need your full logging (both ReadyAPI! and SQLServer) to try and sort this out  - but "connection refused" typically means a problem with your authentication/authorisation