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3 years ago

Error in Creating a Report in LoadUI with test name does not contain special character

Having the same issue as  But the test name has no special characters and only empty spaces. Ve...
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    3 years ago

    Hi totester,

    In my practice, such errors usually occurred because of an insufficient amount of resources on the machine where the load test had been run, so the usage of a more powerful machine may help. There cannot be strict recommendations about how many resources are required for your specific load test because a lot of factors come into play here: a number of simulated virtual users, complexity of your SoapUI and LoadUI tests, using files from the hard drive, and so on. In most cases, the right configuration of the machine can be defined only empirically: the simplest check you can do is to try reducing the duration of the test and/or the number of simulated virtual users and checking whether the reports are generated successfully in this case. If the issue does not persist, it may mean that your tests require more resources than the current configuration can provide.

    As a workaround, we usually suggest generating reports on the Statistics page. On this page, you can add the required statistics as a graph or as a table, and then create a printable report or export data in the CSV format.

    If this information does not help you to resolve the issue, please submit a new case here and provide the project file containing the actual configuration of your load test and agents if any so that we could investigate the issue in our lab.