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8 years ago

Error finding data for data driven SoapUI using excel

Hi, I'm new to the SmartBear world but am learning. I've been trying to create a Data Driven test that will create 30K subscriptions using unique IP addresses and a defined username/password; all defined in my excel spreadsheet.


I've been following the tutorial from and have the following issues:


1 - not all of the items that need to be received from the excel spreadsheet are in the "form". The Address field is where I need the IP address.



The other fields from the excel sheet are in the WSS Security:

2 - I receive an error stating that a specified file can't be opened; however this path and file doesn't exist.


I tried this using Ready API! 1.6.0 and 1.7.0.



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  • Make sure you can browse the file and read the file from the application since the errors says cant open it could be permission issue or file not found.