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3 years ago

ERROR: Exception in request: Couldn't kickstart Handshaking

After upgrading to 3.20.0 version of ready , I started getting error Couldn't kickstart Handshaking.

This issue was observed when i connect to my home wifi .The same issue does not occur when i am connected to a  mobile spot . 

The only difference i could see is that 'network connection details' for my home internet did not have IPv6 default Gateway nor IPv6 DNS server where as when connected to my mobile hotspot it had both values.


Does this error has anything to do with it? If yes , how to overcome ready api from looking for IPv6 address?

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  • Hey alphyjames, 

    You might want to check out this thread as it appears to be a similar handshake issue after upgrading.

    The big takeaway from that thread is that Handshake errors generally occur when there is a different in TLS of the application endpoint and ReadyAPI. Correcting the version in the ReadyAPI.vmoptions file should resolve this. The file is located in your ReadyAPI bin folder and you'll want to add in the following line:

    -Dsoapui.https.protocols=<TLSv1.2, TLSv1, SSLv3>

    Just specify the version you want to use. 

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      I did come across that solution but unfortunately it did not work . Passed
      the values as TLDv1.2--