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3 years ago

Encrypted properties are being displayed in DevOps logs

Hi All,


I have setup my API test suite in DevOps pipeline and all the sensitivity property values are encrypted in ReadyAPI.

My issue here is, though it is encrypted, When I am running the pipeline I can see all the sensitive information(access token, Subscription key etc) in the logs.

Has anyone came across the same issue and overcome it ?


Thanks in advanced.

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    Hey Mahesh9100 


    Yes - your issue is one that appears on the forum every so often - I think nmrao posts a solution to this - but I cant remember what it is.


    I'll have a search and see if I can find some solutions - they're definitely on the forum somewhere.





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    Do you mean the encrypted values are being shown in plain text of Jenkins log? or ReadyAPI logs?
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      Hi nmrao,


      It is being displayed in Azure DevOps logs when executing the pipeline.