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5 years ago

[Education] Join SoapUI Pro Introductory Training on June 9

Hi QA people!


We are inviting you to participate in the upcoming SoapUI Pro Introductory Training class.

This is a great way to learn or revisit all basic functionality of the tool. This class is perfect if you are just starting working with SoapUI Pro or feel like it is time to brush up your SoapUI Pro skills.


The training is free. Join us on June 9 at 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT



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  • Where can I sign up to receive notifications about the trainings to be held? I received great feedback from my acquaintances but I need more time to adjust my schedule and put trainings there.



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      thomastrent1 You can subscribe to the Academy tag inside the Community! We post news about new courses and upcoming webinars here.

      Also, do not hesitate to check out the SmartBear Academy - it has a lot of great free ReadyAPI courses already.