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3 years ago

Edit end point in environment configuration at once for all APIs

Dear mates,


Could you please help this please..

I have setup one environment via "Configure Environments" in ReadyAPI. Let's take environment name as 'test11'. For various APIs, I have given required end point and authentication profile. And I wanted copy  'test11' and modify the end point to something else for SIT. Now, how can I modify the end point for all API's at once if  there are 100 API's.




The screen above has 3 entries and I want to modify to something else. If there are 100 entries like this, I have to edit 100 times and change the end point. Its a huge manual work. Is there any way I can change at once place and it will change for all 100 API's in that environment.






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    Hey ravienu 



    Have you thought about dumping the 'Environments' functionality and just using a project level properties file instead?  I tried setting up multiple environments a while back and had trouble - then Rao suggested using a properties file instead.


    What I mean is, I setup a project's tests, but I'm able to switch environments by loading in an environment specific project level properties file before execution begins.  I have a .properties file - 1 for each environment.


    All my environment specific variables/parms (usernames, passwords, tokens, URLs, URIs) go into my properties file.  I just load it in before execution and I've parameterised everything in my tests to source those project level properties.  Works brilliantly!  I don't even bother with the Environments functionality cos it works so well.


    I know it isn't the answer you were hoping for, but it's a workaround to your issue.






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      Thanks richie ,

      Yeah seems you are correct, looks like using properties file is a good idea. I will change to it in sometime. But unfortunately I dont have that much luxury now as our testing phase in progress. 


      Hi nmrao , could you please suggest some quick solution for my issue for now.... Thank you very much.




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    Isn't it you choose environment and all the endpoints gets changed automatically? At least that is what my expectation from environments features. By the way, never used it.