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5 years ago

Do you have videos of Record & Replay for serviceV pro?

HI Team,   I have a requirment where I need to record the incoming traffic and replay back. Is there a link (document) which explains about that. If I have 5 different request and the response was ...
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    5 years ago

    Thanks Alex,


    Yes, I followed the same approach for traffic recording, but my question is with out dispatch style (Script/Xpath/QueryMatch), can we send the response based on the incomming request ?

    Even the document says :

    To record several responses for the same request, simply send this request several times during the recording. You can then configure response settings in the virtual service editor to use conditional responding.


    This means conditional response can not be sent without dispatch style, We need to add some code to it.



    Senthil kumar. M