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3 years ago

Do we need a separate license to run ReadyAPI maven plugin or launching test with TestRunner?

Hi ReadyAPI team,

I am currently using ReadyAPI 3.10.2 activated with a file-based license. Executing any test using TestRunner from within ReadyAPI or with the maven plugin on my local outputs "ReadyAPI Test : License is not activated. Do you want to activate it? [y/N]", although I already activated it from the desktop app. How do I proceed with this? I did select no and it asked for the full path to the license file which I provided, only for it to tell me that the license file is already active.

This wasn't an issue with previous versions I used before.

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    If I recall correctly, a ReadyAPI license is good per user per computer. If your maven or TestRunner are running as a different user than who has the ReadyAPI license activated, then that's the cause of the problem.

    Can you confirm that the user with the license activated is being used in both the testrunner and maven scenario?


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      Hi msiadak, I do have the license, I used it to activate ReadyAPI on same computer and I do not run tests with this version of readyapi on jenkins. I would assume running testrunner from within the same readyapi I activated run with same user. I have not done any specific activation for testrunner nor maven plugin. I am wondering if there's any specific config I need to do for it to recognize that I do have an active license with the readyapi desktop app