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2 years ago

Difference result between TestEngine and ReadyAPI


Hi build my test with ready API, my test is OK, my test contains a groovy scripts

however When I execute this test in TestEngine this same test is Failed.


I add in

this parametre :

By default, Groovy scripting has limitations on writing data to properties and files. If you need fully functional Groovy scripts in your tests, you can turn off these restrictions.


Turning off the restrictions can cause security vulnerabilities.

To turn off the limitations, you need to set the groovy.allow.all system property to true. The way you do this depends on how you run TestEngine:


but in my Test on TestEngine I have this error on my grouvy script., why the behaviour is different between TestEngine and ReadyAPI IDE ?

Error. https
Error. error at line: 20

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  • Hi,


    I have the same results with my project, if you have any solution tell us



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      I send the issue to smartbear support, they have a bug. the support send me a patch to correct this error.

      I think if needeed asked a question to the support.



  • Oh great news!


    Which kind of version have you ?, Is it a special patch or included in a new version ?