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10 years ago

Desperately needed UI emprovements

I work for a while with Soap UI 4.6.4 and it desperately needs improvements. First of all , ALL operations that can be done by mouse MUST BE SUPPORTED FROM KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS.This is a windows standard by the way. And do not forget the switching between sublevel windows from this.

ADDITIONALLY problems that are actual errors by my opinion:
1) The main project window allows to move TCs anytime, but the asserts (lower pane) window does not allow this when an assert is RED.
2) There is no way to tell which content in the upper right window is covered by an assert.
3) To view an assert contents a new BLOCKING dialog is displayed, so you can not scroll the contents window to try and see what was matched.
4) When closing an TC the left tree focus is moved to the window that was just closed ref. This is annoying, confusing and plain stupid. A window should close WITHOUT influencing the left tree at all.
5) Dragging and dropping inside the left tree is badly implemented. It is extremely difficult to scroll the tree while dragging something.
6) Dragging and dropping inside the left tree is badly implemented. The insert horizontal line should appear if the content being dragged is ON TOP(mouse cursor) of an element that does not support the dragged content being dropped inside of it. If the mouse is on top an element, dropping on the upper side of the element should insert before and after for the lower side.
7) Saving. To top it off, SOAP UI simply does not save the project even when right-click on the project/save. This happens randomly. And also does not display any message about this failure.
8 ) Auto- saving tries to save projects that are not even modified at all. This annoys the user each and every time you have 3 projects, one is checked out and the other 2 are not(file is read-only).
9) Hot key/accelerator consistency is really bad. CTRL-S should save the current project NO MATTER WHERE the window focus is, not the current message or whatever else.
10) Sub-window(child window) management is bad. Setting the focus in left tree on when an sublevel window is activated is contrary to any design known to humans and causes severe confusion. This function should be performed on a button from the child window, added to the subwindow's title bar.

Much needed improvements:
1)Colorize (light green background) content that was cause for green assert in the upper right window.I need to know what is covered by an assert and what isn't.
2)Colorize (light red background) content that was cause for red assert in the upper right window. I know this is difficult but you can do it like for example an "contains" matches a row in 80% of the text for example. There are smarter ways(like tracking from previous step asserts) but I guess this is too much for you (YES, I am challenging you).

3)Ask to/right click automatically duplicate asserts/WebService calls from the previous step, with the name of the current step + suffix or number(001,002,003 004,005) (configurable) and NOT with the deam "copy of" prefix.

I hope I did not spend 2 hours uselessly by writing this down.
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