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7 years ago

Deploying Virt as War format not working

 I am using a A Soap sample project provided by ReadyAPI for JMS Request virtualization along with ActiveMQ as JMS provider.

Software used:
Java 1.8.0_144


JMS Request virtualization is working fine in ReadyAPI with Manual configuration After getting the solution for CASE #00268928. But when I am deploying virt in war format, I am getting Exception.


Please find the steps below that I followed:


Step 1) I am using Soap Sample project provided by Ready API, then a Test Suite and a test case under this project. 


Step 2) Then I created a JMS Request using Manual Configuration.

I placed “activemq-all-5.14.0” jar from ActiveMQ folder to “SmartBear\ReadyAPI-2.2.0\bin\ext” folder.

  • JMS Configuration for Manual configuration

  1. Initial Context Class: org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory

  2. Provider URL: tcp://localhost:61616

  3. Connection Factory JNDI Name: ConnectionFactory

  4. Additional JNDI Properties: configure 2 topics and 2 queue


Step 3) Then I created JMS Virt in ServiceV tab using Manual configuration and add start script provided by ReadyAPI as solution for CASE #00268928

Script: context.mockService.messageConsumerProducer = {

session, receiveDestination, durableSubscriptionName,messageSelector -> return session.createConsumer(receiveDestination, messageSelector)



Then I started JMS virt, it is started successfully.


Step 4) JMS Request is working fine with JMS Virt in ReadyAPI.


Step 5) Then I am deploying virt in war format.

  • Right click on Project and choose Save as WAR

  • settings for generating the WAR file.

  1. Script Library ---> checked

  2. Include Global Settings ---> checked

  3. Include Actions ---> checked

  4. Include Listeners ---> checked

  5. Include External Jar Files ---> checked

  6. WebUI ---> checked

  7. Virt Endpoint ---> my-virts

  8. War file ---> C:\Users\gajendra.yadav\Downloads\Ready_API_war\my-virts.war

  9. War Directory ---> C:\Users\gajendra.yadav\Downloads\Ready_API_war


Step 6) Then I deploy the war on Tomcat (placed in webapps) & start the tomcat. Tomcat is started successfully & war is deployed without any error.


Step 7) Then I hit the url: “localhost:8080/my-virts/”, now I am getting the exception.






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    I have the same issue .

    Did you find a solution?

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      I also have the same problem. Any information how to solve this ?