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6 years ago

DBConnection not updating in SoapUI Pro (2.6)

I have changed the connection setting for an existing database connection type JDBC to MSSQL Server on the project level, the connection name has not changed. On the test case level the test step type DataSource was automatically updated, while the test step type DataSink still has the old settings, working around is open the data sink, select connection None and go back to old setting name. Since I have used the data sink a lot, is there a better way to update them all at once? why is there a different behavior between data sink and source when it comes to connection setting updates?

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    Hi dhohenhaus,


    I'm not an expert in ReadyAPI. I suppose that JDBC and MSSQL Server use different providers to access DBs. Thus, the connection settings may be different.


    Community, what do you think?