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2 years ago

Datasource with multiple CSV files and pause

Hello to all!

Using Soap UI Pro Testcase, I need to have 1 single Datasource which will consist of multiple CSV files and also have a Datasource Loop, which should loop to process all the multiple CSV files (of the 1 Datasource and once and not repeatedly, of course) and by also having a pause of e.g. 2 min, for Datasource Loop to wait before it will process next CSV input file (of the 1 Datasource)  every time.   Just FYI, for each Datasource CSV file, a Soap XML request will execute, which will use the 1 Datasource to update the application data for every CSV file input.


Hope it is clear what I need.

Thank you!


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    Hey Kostas75,

    What you want sounds pretty straightforward. Think your testcase object hierarchy will look like this:

    ------Datasource step (Directory type, which sources a single directory with multiple files (.csv files))
    ------SOAP step
    ------Delay step (it's in milliseconds so set to 120000 for 2mins)
    ------DatasourceLoop (target set to the SOAP step)

    I think that's it....i can't see anything else from your description i didn't cover off i dont think!


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      OK, but main question is how Datasource loop will access and loop through to process all CSV files within the directory??

      Also, the Delay step you mention is going to Delay for every step of the loop?

      Thank you.