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4 years ago

Customising parallel runs

Hi Team , We are trying to figure out a way to run our test cases in a customised  parallel fashion .    To start with , we are using readyAPI paid version 3.2.5.   Our Project structure is  1....
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    4 years ago
    1. the suggestion was based on the information provided in the question.
    2. thumb rule is to have each and every test case is independent, here you have dependency between suites.
    Can you revisit the suites and see if you can make them independent (no dependency between them)?

    By the way, if you use the commandline testrunner script to execute the project, then you have the flexibility to run particular test suite (you can also check if that option allows to run two suites if you can;t remove dependency) and use multiple command line terminals or write a batch script to invoke each suite in the background process. This way you can achieve parallel running of suites without splitting the project as well.