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7 years ago

Creating New Composite Project On Git/Bitbucket: Error

I want to create a new project inside a repository which already exist, something line this:


Now i am trying to create a new composite project inside this repository from SOAP UI. But when i try to go via option 'Save and Share project' and give repository url and username/pass, this is not working. It gives me error saving not a git repository but that too its trying to search .git inside the project which i want to create new and this will never happen when i dont have any project...


Mon Jan 22 23:40:42 CET 2018:ERROR:java.lang.IllegalStateException: No git repo exist in: C:\shared\Test-Project\soapuitest\Project-1-readyapi-project
   java.lang.IllegalStateException: No git repo exist in: C:\shared\Test-Project\soapuitest\Project-1-readyapi-project
   	at com.smartbear.readyapi.plugin.git.GitCommandHelper.createGitObject(
   	at com.smartbear.readyapi.plugin.git.ReadyApiGitIntegration.getLocalRepositoryUpdates(
   	at com.eviware.soapui.plugins.vcs.dialogs.VcsChangesDialog.a(

So should we have 1 repository for 1 project, if not then please let me know how can i create multiple project from soap ui in same repo.

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