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5 years ago

Create dependent tests based on a test Pass/Fail.

Hi All, 
Am newbie in ReadyAPI and facing some issues.

Actually I want to do something like this -> "TestCase A" should only run if "Test Case B" runs perfectly in same or different Test Suite.

In my scenario, I have multiple test suites and inside respective test suites I have multiple test cases. 

Jagjit Verma

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  • jituvrma007  :  This should be a practise that you should follow not to Call Test Case of other Test Suite from current Test Case because it will create a ambiguity or difficulty in finding where to update, what you can do instead is:


    1. Create 1 Test Suite which contains all Dependent Test Cases,

    2. Call that particular Test Case.


    Now second part is How to call,


    You can use groovy script to call particular Test Case from existing Test Case refer attached project for reference.


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      Thank you so much Rao and Himanshu! Great advice.


      Hi jituvrma007! Did the advice solve your question? Please mark the answer you found helpful as a solution.


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        jituvrma007 Here's what you should try - create a script that checks the status of the current case. If it is not 'Failed', the script needs to run the needed TestCase.