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5 years ago

Contain assertion - how can I 'blank out' a part of element text which changes with every response

Hello fellow soap users, 

I am building a regression test. And the easiest way is ofcourse to make one contain-assertion of the complete response. However, there are elements that change everytime I execute. 

For example: 


Is there I way I can validate if the response contains something like: 

With the XXX that 'blank out' that part of the validation. So it only checks the presence of the positions, and not what it actually says there?

Kind regards

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      Hi Rao, 

      Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate your time. 

      But how would that work in my example if i want to use the regular expressions?

      For example, apparently a dot should match any character or \d should match any digit. But if i do the following it doesn't work: 




      Contain Assertion: 


      or   <ns1:RandomNumber>\d\d\d</ns1:RandomNumber> 


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        Hi tester213243


        Can you try <ns1:RandomNumber>[1-9][1-9][1-9]</ns1:RandomNumber> . hope it works

  • tester213243  :


    instead of contains assertion use Script assertion it will check the particular node value.

    User jsonSlurper to get the node value and assert like below


    assert nodeValue != ""


    and if you know the random value then assert like


    assert nodeValue == expectedValue


  • tester213243  : Have you got the chance to test the solutions provided. If solved then please mark as solve as it will help other help seekers :)