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4 years ago

command line argument to Skip, Ignore or Disable particular TestCase(s)

I know they can be manually set to disabled however... Is there a ReadyAPI testrunner.bat command line argument that can... Skip, Ignor or Disable one or more particular TestCase(s) in an TestSuite...
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    4 years ago
    Hey DAPurcey,

    Have a look at the link lists all testRunner command line switches.

    I think the switches you might want to have a look at are the following switches:

    -s allows you to specify which testsuites are executed

    -c allows you to specify which testcases are executed

    -T allows you to specify which tags are executed. I think this is closest to what you need. You can use a logical NOT so you can tag up your tests and then specify using -T which tags should NOT be executed...this appears to match what you want.

    Specify NOT tags in your command line could be huge if youre executing the whole project and take a while to build and setup. Also you'll have to keep updating the tags i expect. If you disable the tests/suites in the GUI and then execute via testRunner, doesnt testRunner ignore the disabled tests? This sounds like the easier option considering your list of disabled tests could change quite often (depending on your delivery/executiom schedule).