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2 years ago

Class Loading - difference between bin/ext, Script Directory, and External Jar File

v3.10.1 I seem to be having issues with the ReadyAPI class loaders, and it's probably my lack of understanding of how they work. I have a separate Groovy project in IntelliJ -- class files, etc., wh...
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    2 years ago

    Never mind. There was yet a 4th location I was testing --


    4. in the ReadyAPI lib directory


    And I had forgotten to remove the jar file from that directory. 


    Doesn't answer the question of what are the functions of the 3 areas that are suggested by the ReadyAPI product and its documentation, but I fixed the immediate problem. 


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    2 years ago


    I think the three locations exist for better organization of libraries:


    This is my suggestion on how to use them:

    1. bin/ext: libraries you want to add permanently so that your tests can rely on them, e.g., JDBC driver.

    2. Preferences->ReadyAPI-> Script Library: your Groovy scripts

    3. Preferences->ReadyAPI->Custom Java Libraries: libraries you want to add and remove later easily via configuration, and libraries you don't want to move into ReadyAPI folders for some reason.