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7 years ago

Check Out floating license when connected with Wifi



I am using SoapUI (ReadyAPI 2.3.0).

I am not able to check out license when I connected with Wifi (with dynamic IP).

Only when my laptop is connected to the net with cable and have static IP the check out is successful.


1. Is it possible to check out license for ReadyAPI that is running on PC with dynamic IP?

2. Could you please explain how user recognized by the license server during check out process?



Alex Kovalev

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    While I have not used a license server in my facility, here's something you can troubleshoot.


    When you are connected to WIFI with a dynamic IP address, can you ping the license server? If not, then the wifi network may not provide access to said server. I do not see why a network / IP type would matter to the license server. You may need to check with the IT department at your work to ensure those two networks are the same or have access to each other.