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5 years ago

Check and retrieve OAuth Token at project startup

Howdie,   I'm a little bit blured into the documentation of SmartBear.   I need to use an Access Token for some of my Webservice projects that are configured according our FSP. My Flow = Cl...
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    5 years ago

    Is there anything in the error log after you send a request from one of you tests cases? I copied that script and after I updated the profile name my token in auth manager was updated when I sent a request.

    Also the token name in the script does not match the token in the screen shot. Are these just from different projects?


    Side note:

    If you have multiple tokens for the same project take a look at this post. That script will update all the tokens for the current project. You may have to modify the scope of the "project" variable depending on what type of event you select.

    Auto Token Generation for OAuth2.0