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7 years ago

Can you refer in groovy to the last executed teststep?

Is it possible to just refer to the last executed teststep in groovy script? 


Now I save the response of an jdbc request by calling it by naming in groovy script. But I want my script just to save the result of the last executed test step.



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      I have a testcase with 2 teststeps.

      First teststep is a SOAP requests that gives an XML response.

      Second teststep is groovy script that will save the XML response.


      Groovy script: 

      def date = new Date()
      def dts = date.format("yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss")
      //Write Request to XML File
      def myXmlRequest = "C:/Data/Request"+dts+".xml"
      def request = context.expand('${SOAP Request}')
      def req = new File(myXmlRequest)

      req.write(request, "UTF-8") 


      Is there anyway that you can say in groovy just save the result for the last executed teststep instead of now using context.expand('${SOAP Request}')



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        Not without tapping into the ReadyAPI and somehow figuring out with your own logic what test was last executed.  If ReadyAPI even presents that information. I would probably just hard code the test names or figure out a way for each test step to store it's name in a property.

        That way, any time a test runs, it overwrites that property with its own name. That might work.