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6 years ago

Can TestComplete pass parameters to SoapUI request ?

Hi everyone,


I need to send a parameter value from TestComplete as a Propertie value in a SoapUI test.


Would you know if it is possible?


I have tried with no success specifying the code used in TestComplete to obtain the value of a variable: Project.Variables.<VariableName>


I can't think of any other possibilites


Thanks in advance,


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  • I too am trying to figure this out.  Hope someone can provide some insight. Following.

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        TestComplete and SoapUI are not integrated. The only thing that TestComplete can do is to launch SoapUI as a standalone application, wait until it completes and report execution result based on the exit code.

        Thus you need to use the same technique that you use to provide parameters to SoapUI when running it from command-line, or the tool like Jenkins, etc.

        Custom command-line or parameters saved into the file in TestComplete and processed in SoapUI on test start are basics that come to my head.