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2 years ago

Can I use readyapi as crawler



I have a project need where I am required to scrap data from various portals and with bulk end points. Can I use readyapi for such requirement and how?

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    Hello goutamm 


    Yes.  ReadyAPI could be used for such an endeavor.  How? would be a few hours work that would be based on many variables that I cannot answer and that I do not want to know.  🙂 


    Your requirement is such that I don't know of any specific product that would work better for that specific request.  Whatever tool you use would need some form of programmatic knowledge/activity to accomplish.  Based on your level of that knowledge would be the answer to your question. 


    In short, ReadyAPI would be a great tool to use for that task, but you would have to do some coding (groovy test step(s)) to meet the requirements.  ReadyAPI (or any other product that I know of) do not have the built in capability to handle that specific project request efficiently.


    If you do not posses coding capability, the actual ReadyAPI test case for such an endeavor would be a lot of individual HTTP request steps to invoke the various portals and bulk endpoints (whatever the sum of your various portals and bulk end points are).  If that is a large number, then maintenance of such a large non-programmatic test case would be painful.