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8 years ago

Can I load excel datasource properties into ServiceV Dispatcher script?

Hello,   I'm trying to virtualize a service for Login call. It's basically two responses: LoginSuccess and LoginFail. So I'm trying to write a SCRIPT to dispatch the response.   Its a REST Reques...
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    8 years ago

    The solution was to create a mysql DB instance in my server and copy all the info from the spreadsheet into it.


    As I need to validate & compare incoming request data in my dispatcher script I used the following script:


    This is a REST service:


    1. Create Custom Properties with dbName, dbUsername, dbPassword, dbHost and add the values needed.


    2. Use this code into dispatcher script:


    //Get data from Request
    def jsonSlurper = new JsonSlurper()
    def requestObj = jsonSlurper.parseText(mockRequest.getRequestContent())
    assert requestObj instanceof Map

    // open connection
    def Virtservice = context.getMockService()
    def conString = "jdbc:mysql://" + Virtservice.getPropertyValue( "dbHost" ) + "/" + Virtservice.getPropertyValue( "dbName" ) conString


    //Define SQL Connection as follow:
    def sql = Sql.newInstance(conString,
    Virtservice.getPropertyValue( "dbUsername" ),
    Virtservice.getPropertyValue( "dbPassword" ),

    // Execute Query: Where userId is defined from incoming request data
    def query = "SELECT sessionToken FROM users WHERE userID LIKE '" + requestObj.userId + "';"

    //row value will get the entire row as result from query above.

    def row = sql.firstRow(query)

    //Set property value email with value found in

    //check for connection in context


    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any question.


    Tona O.