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3 years ago

Can I Import my Ready API TestSuites (REST) in postman?


I have REST Api Test suites in ReadyAPI environment, Is it possible to import those Test suites in Postman? In our company we use both ReadyApi and postman. 

I am familiar with readyapi, so i created  the testcases in Readyapi and the management wanted them to run in postman. is there any way to import these testcases in postman?



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    Hey angvarghese,

    Im afraid there isnt as far as ive found.

    If it was just the APIs you could export as swagger, which postman does support, but that wont include any of your testsuites/testcases/teststeps at all.

    The problem is that postman doesnt really separate out the concept of APIs and test requests whereas ReadyAPI/SoapUI does.