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3 years ago

Azure Devops result is different from ReadyAPI test result

while executing a job in azure devops for a test case , getting status code error 401 and job is getting failed , but when I am running the same test case in ReadyAPI directly its getting passed.


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    Hey Jainsoumya

    401 is authentication/authorisation. What sort of authentication/authorisation scheme is your api using and how are you passing the authentication/authorisation creds to your apis test steps?


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      Hi richie 


      I am passing Auth via auth manager in readyapi steps and in devops I have followed this steps :

      You can allow scripts and tasks to access System.AccessToken at the job level.

      1. Navigate to the job

      2. Under Additional options, check the Allow scripts to access the OAuth token box.

      Then also I am getting the same issue , my scripts are getting failed via azure devops