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3 years ago

ASCI encoding for mac address failing after 3.20.1 update

Since the new ReadyAPI 3.20.1 update, REST calls containing mac addresses in the URL are not working anymore. For example, The following mac 5C:35:3B:D7:10:38 in the URL is interpreted as admin/home...
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    3 years ago

    Hey fdahdouh 


    Im not aware of a way of updating every single API in the workspace with this im afraid - perhaps one of the other forum users can help.


    If you do have the option of rolling back to a previous version - perhaps thats one of the easiest answers?  Although please check the release notes and make sure whatever version you roll back to has latest versions of log4j files.


    If you rolll back to a version with old log4j files you can just overwrite them yourself - cos you definitely want the latest files due to that log4j security issue that was found in late November/early December last year