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13 years ago

Adding checksum to the maven repository

Actually at your repository, there is no checksum file added.
In entreprise behind a firewall, it could be very tricky because of some antivirus that dynamically change the jar of not trusted repositories for some security reasons.

The result is some unexpected exceptions difficult to debug while using the use of the plugin.

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  • I am having this issue too. We are unable to use the maven soapui plugin in our build due to this checksum issue.

    Is there an estimate for getting this fixed?

    There's actually a script you can run to generate all of the checksum files for you. I've run it in the past for internal projects. Code is here. Note that it requires absolute paths (/path/to/file) and fails with relative paths (../path/to/dir).
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    I have to agree that this is causing us issues as well. It would be great to see this resolved!
  • Hi,

    I'm having the same issue here. Our maven script are stucked because of this.
    Fix this asap, please.

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    this request is now part of our product backlog (id SOAPUI-2892).


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