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5 years ago

.dll not copied to new folder when ReadyAPI is updated



I followed this article telling me to place sqljdbc_auth.dll  in <ReadyAPI>/bin. Which works great.


The issue is when I updated ReadyAPI this file was not copied over from the ReadyAPI-2.6.0 to ReadAPI-2.7.0 directory


Does anyone know how I would automate the process so users wouldn't have to do this each time there's a new update?

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    The custom libraries that one uses have to be taken care by users only when one upgrades.

    For eg, User A might use library x and User B may use library y. So, it may not be common for all.
    If working in a team and using common machine, then you can just copy the libraries from previous installation to new installation.

    Since it one time, you may just copy them. If you wish to automate, just a copy command any way, wrap into a batch script. But, you have to change the version each time one upgrades and thus have to update the batch script as well.
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      That's disappointing,


      In my case this .dll is required for all users. Very annoying to organize everyone to manually move a file.

      The fact that my project depends on this file and I can't included it with the rest of my project files means that there will always be confusion whenever there is an upgrade. 


      I was hoping for a ReadyAPI feature that allows me to place Custom Libraries within my project. The Custom Java Libraries feature is close but would not work in this case since it's not a .jar file

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        Hi thePantz,


        It sounds like a feature request to me. Could you please submit it to this forum?

        Other users can give their votes to it - this will increase the priority of the feature request for our product team.