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3 years ago

? changes to % in URL

Hi Team,


I am sending endpoint using properties. In that wherever the '?' is there in endpoint it get changed to % sign.


I can't send the original endpoint.

Please consider below example as reference.

Endpoint required to send :- "send?like"  is like this

In request it sends :- "sending%like"   {Change is in bold}

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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    Hey ab1402,

    Im struggling to understand completely, could you clarify?

    Is this SOAP or REST?

    Youre saying a ? digit is being replaced by a % symbol on the that correct?

    Is this in the URI or is this in the payload? Examples or both would help visualise your issue (and wont reveal anything from a security perspective)

    Whats the MediaType setting in your request? (i.e. what is the Content-Type header value in your request? assuming you have one)

    What version of ReadyAPI are you using?