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May 2021 | ReadyAPI Community News

Howdy all, and welcome to the May ReadyAPI Community News.

From this post, you’ll learn the most interesting and hottest news from the ReadyAPI Community. If you have anything to add – feel free to reply under this topic. And of course, give me your kudos 😉



We continue the series of interviews with the ReadyAPI Team, and this month we’re talking with Ilya Avdeev – the Project Lead at SmartBear. We’ll learn more about the development process, how they select which features to implement, the most memorable ReadyAPI functionality, and much more.


>>Watch the interview with Ilya Avdeev here


Find more interviews with the ReadyAPI Team under the ReadyAPITeam tag.



All of you made community contributions by asking questions, posting answers, or sharing interesting use cases. Please join me to congratulate the members who you gave the biggest number of kudos – it means that you liked their replies:






We’re happy to let you know that a new ReadyAPI version is available (version 3.8) with several great improvements:

  • Extended Kafka support
  • Support for AsyncAPI definition

And much more Read the What's New in ReadyAPI 3.8 article to learn about these and other upgrades.


Download it now: If you’re a licensed user, get the latest version at the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. (And if you’re interested in giving ReadyAPI a shot, request a free 14-day trial).



For those of you who has just started your journey with ReadyAPI, watch the ReadyAPI introductory training! It explains the basic ReadyAPI features you should to be aware of, and describes where to move forward.


Watch the ReadyAPI Test Introductory Training class





Here are the hottest and most discussed community topics of the last month. Have something to add to them? Just post your reply:

That’s all for today. Don’t hesitate to post any comments if you have something to add.


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