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March 2022 | ReadyAPI Community News

Hi ReadyAPI Community, welcome to our monthly news digest. Keep reading to learn about the top contributors, biggest discussions, product updates and more! Let's start.



Next month we will be announcing our Community Leaders for Q1 2022! Community Leaders are the most active contributors who get awesome benefits from SmartBear for helping others. Learn about why being a Community Leader is great and how you can become one here: 3 Simple Steps to Become a ReadyAPI Community Leader.


In the meantime, here are the most active community contributors for February: richie, ChrisAdamsTNeuschwanger, JoostDGNew2APIjly  Thank you for your active participation!


Readyapi technical articles

Many of you are subscribed to the ReadyAPI Technical articles community resource - there's so much high-quality technical content prepared and posted by community members. In February, we added one more article you wrote - check it out:


- A script to batch edit 'Locally Stored Value' boolean true/false created by DLeidelmeijer 


Thanks for your contribution! If you have any great ideas for a tech article - just submit it to us. A knowledge base like this is extremely helpful for other community members, will earn you their respect for sure and you will also get a unique community badge. Learn more here - How to Create a Technical Article.



So many good discussions in the ReadyAPI Community happened last month! Here are just some of them, feel free to chime in:


Auth Token is not getting refreshed due to which API is getting failed with error 401

Return DOB for specified customer from Excel workbook (similar to Excel VLOOKUP)

Azure Devops result is different from ReadyAPI test result

Random String Generator for REST Request

How to configure Pipeline in Azure devops for ReadyAPI project


smartbear academy

Attend our free live classes for beginners to get a glimpse of major ReadyAPI features.

The next class starts at 11am ET on March 8.






ReadyAPI 3.20.2 was released in February! Here are only some of the improvements we added:


 - ReadyAPI now uses a newer version of the Protection! License Server – version 5.5.3. 

 - We’ve improved the API Connection test step editor
 - Now, when you use the dark theme on Windows computers, ReadyAPI uses the system color for the title bar.


Read the What's New In ReadyAPI article to learn about these and other upgrades.


Download it now: If you’re a licensed user, get the latest version at the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. (And if you’re interested in giving ReadyAPI a shot, request a free 14-day trial).



Thank you for reading, another great month awaits!

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